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Introducing the Floating Home, a remarkable residence that combines the luxuries of a villa, the freedom of a houseboat, and the sophistication of a yacht. This nautical marvel has been crafted by a team of experienced professionals, including captains, engineers, architects, designers, and pilots, to offer a truly unique and extraordinary living experience.

One of the most common inquiries from buyers and users revolves around the power and water supply systems, as well as the heating and cooling mechanisms. The Floating Home is equipped with cutting-edge technology to address these concerns. Power is efficiently supplied through lithium batteries and/or solar panels, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source. In the event of limited sunlight, a diesel generator is seamlessly integrated to recharge the batteries, providing ample electrical energy for extended periods of time. The water supply is sourced from a 2-tonne reservoir within the pontoon, and if desired, can be further enhanced through the utilization of built-in filtration systems for river water intake, ensuring a reliable and purified water source. The interior climate is meticulously regulated through an electric underfloor heating system, while additional comfort is provided by the gas fireplace and air conditioning system, which can be powered by the generator or batteries.

The Floating Home encompasses a wide range of features and amenities to enhance your living experience. It features high-performance Honda outboard motors, providing efficient propulsion and seamless navigation. The state-of-the-art SIMRAD NSX 3012 GPS navigation system ensures accurate positioning and precise course guidance. Safety equipment and signalling devices are included to ensure a secure and worry-free experience. With the APP-Alert water sensor installed in the pontoons, you can easily monitor and manage water levels through a dedicated mobile application. Infrared cameras offer comprehensive surveillance both at the front and rear of the residence, while a specialized water filter guarantees the availability of technical water for daily activities such as showering and dishwashing. The Floating Home also offers an array of options for customization, including an electric anchor, anti-UV tinted windows, a stainless-steel railing, fully equipped bathroom and kitchen facilities, air conditioning, an outdoor shower, and a selection of exquisite decking options.

For those seeking the utmost luxury and advanced features, the Floating Home provides a range of options to meet your desires. You can select from Honda outboard motors with higher power outputs, such as 100 hp × 2, 150 hp × 2, or 200 hp × 2, to experience enhanced performance on the water. A radar system is available for detecting vessels and obstacles, allowing for safe navigation even during nighttime or foggy conditions. The integrated SmartHome system provides convenient and automated control of all electrical equipment on board, while the autopilot feature enables remote control of the Floating Home, ensuring effortless manoeuvrability. Additionally, the three ECO FLOW batteries can be selected to provide extended power supply for up to two days. The Floating Home can be further customized to include luxurious amenities like a heliport, sauna, hydro-massage tub, glass railing, roof windows, solar panels, underwater lights, hydraulic platform for boat lifting, hydraulic boat crane, a kitchen on the upper terrace, a retractable bed, a mobile bedroom, and various custom design options.

The Floating Home offers an opportunity for you to create your own personal oasis on the water, tailored to your preferences and style. With a range of facade options, including luxurious decking in multiple variants and alubond cladding, you can truly make this residence a reflection of your unique taste. Experience the unparalleled blend of comfort, elegance, and freedom that the Floating Home provides, and join the satisfied homeowners who have embraced this exceptional lifestyle.


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