Liberhouse is designed to be a friend to the environment. Wherever we can we have used natural materials – wood for the framing, sheep’s wool for the insulation – we use an absolute minimum of plastics and about the only chemicals we need in the construction are glue and waterproofing.

We have a production design for CNT that enables us to build it in volume, probably unique in the European market. We can offer you plenty of choices – colours, appliances, look and feel, even with/without the loft.

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Ecology & sustainability

Being eco-friendly can also be good for your wallet. Our tiny house has an amazing depth of insulation built into the walls and we just about completely avoid heat bridges that radiate cold through the walls in winter (and, just as important, avoid heat passing through the walls in summer). Our expert on statics is passionate about this – one of his specialist areas is avoiding these “heat bridges”. Perfectionism in insulation.

Bright thinking about lighting

All our lights are LED to reduce electric consumption and tested for the colour temperature to be kind to your eyes. Most of the lights run on low voltage (12 V and 24 V) so that if you hook up solar panels or a generator of some sort, the tiny home is optimized and ready for it. A few lights are 240 V so if the solar is not working you still have light. Perfectionism in lighting.

Charge like a bull

We also have the latest USB-C charging points built in – so you don’t need to carry or use inefficient transformers converting from 230 V for every device, we have 1 super-efficient transformer giving you device-charging power where you need it. Perfectionism in charging.

Stay connected

For those times where you can’t hook up to a local Wi-Fi point, the router in the tiny house takes a SIM card and covers the tiny house with the Wi-Fi signal. If you are somewhere really remote, the router can be fitted to the roof (it can live outside, no problem) 4.5 m up so that you get the best possible signal. Perfectionism in technology.


If you have a normal supply of power, like to a house (e.g., 3 × 25 A) then awesome, no worries, you can skip this bit. But if your power supply is just an extension cable from a nearby barn or a neighbour, you may have only 1 × 16 amperes available – that’s 3840 watts. Just think, a hair drier and the kettle together use up over half of that! Exactly like in your house or flat, if you turn everything on at the same time and you use up more than the safe maximum power, the safety cut out would switch all the power off. This is critical as you may also trigger the safety cut-out in the barn or neighbour’s place. And if they are away on holiday, that could be tricky.

Chatanatotata is smart.

We use smart home technology to help you manage your power. If you have the heating on and you turn the oven on, the system will automatically turn the heating off to make sure you don’t use too much power. We can do the same with washing machine, hair drier and all the other devices using a lot of electricity. But we give you the choice – if you are determined to push it to the edge, you can. Electrical perfectionism.

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  1. 5 September 2023

    Hi, Will you deliver to Liberland? Can you list the appliances that the stock model comes equipped with as well as possible options like rooftop solar system/ solar hot water, etc. Would the climate in Liberland be agreeable enough to make solar panels/batteries a sensible investment? What is the lead time to delivery once payment is made? Thank you.

    Hello it comes equipped and if you order this week we give you solar panels as bonus. Lead time is around one month. Delivery in Liberland. 

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