Recuperator PRANA 150


Air extraction and Inflows

Body diameter of the operating module – 150 mm;

Mounting hole diameter - 162 mm;

Length of the working unit - 535 mm;

Recommended premise area - up to 60 m2;

Volumes of air exchange at recuperation:

Inflows: 115 m3/hr,

Air extraction: 105 m3/hr,

in the «night» mode - 25 m3/hr;

Efficiency % - up to 91%;

Electricity consumption - from 7 W/hr to 32 W/hr depending on the operating mode;

Control system: remote control or dimer (adjustable resistor).

The «mini reheating» function.

Due to curved of copper heat exchanger reduces noise level in 7-8 times from the original level.

These models are used for objects of household purposes (apartments, houses, offices, training and pre-schools, etc.). Body is insulated. Double protection against frontal blowdown. Additional function "mini reheating." Noise level at a distance of 3 meters from the device at maximum mode of decentralized ventilation system does not exceed 38 dB, in the "night" mode - 25 dB.


Compact dimensions: body diameter of the operating module - 150, 200, 250, 340 mm. The length is adjusted according to the thickness the walls.

Copper heat exchanger: first of all, cooper has a great heat transfer, secondly, due to the fact that copper is an antiseptic (maximum close to silver) in the recuperator creates an environment that provides disinfection of air, ie viruses, bacteria, microbes lose viability.

Efficiency up to 91%: is achieved through passing of counterpropagating exhaust and plenum air streams that do not overlap with each other, through the copper heat exchangers system (recuperators);

Speed ​​and ease of installation: a through-hole to outside is done, in which a mounting foam or other sealant is installed to operating module. Also, there are models for placement ventilation unit inside the building (as an internal unit). Only ventilating lattices remain visible: one - inside the building, the other - on the facade.

Without consumables.

Availability and ease of maintenance.

The maximum level of electricity consumption up to 32 Vt

Easy and simple control system: remote control or dimer (adjustable resistor).

Silent during the night mode .

Warranty Period 2 years.

Fair and reasonable price with competitive ratio "price-quality".


PRANA company is a creator and manufacturer of a number of modern technologies in the field of energy saving, which of them are in mass production today:

- ventilation system recuperator Prana;

- facade insulation system Ekotemp;

- system of internal wall insulation Ekotemp;

- heat soundproof interroom partitions and noise isolation system of walls Ekotemp.


Ecology: no pollution, hazardous materials or compounds, elimination of any negative effects of energy, maximum preservation of healing forces of nature.

Energy Efficiency: economically justified reduction of energy losses of the building and maximum possible ensurance of its energy needs through energy redistribution in the surrounding area.

Economy: the use of efficient materials, technologies and design solutions gives excellent results.

We operate on the market of energy saving more than 11 years. Therefore we offer you proven by time energy-saving products and systems that have been tested not only by Ukrainian consumers, but also by the international community.

Prana company participated in the first international forum Bauhaus.SOLAR ERFURT (Germany, 2008)., where she introduced the "concept of bioenergy comfort", the ventilation system Prana and the heat soundproof system Ekotemp. Patented constructive solution of the ventilation system offered to the general public still has no analogues in the world.

In 2010, ventilation systems, wall and interroom partitions insulation systems, which we offer you, were presented at the international specialized building exhibitions in Rzeszow (Poland, September 2010) and Wroclaw (Poland, December 2010). And also at the exhibition on energy efficiency GRAZ (Austria, 2007), where they have been considered the best.

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