NoEM Electro Protector - Interior Paint & Primer

NoEM is the perfect primer for indoor use for both white and colour paints.

It works continuously, day and night, without changing its screening properties, which last for up to 10 years.

NoEM is effective and functional

- NoEM screens electric fields by absorption. It protects you from the harmful effects of EM Fields emitted by electrical appliances within your home, house wiring within the walls and electricity lines on the outside (eg. overhead pylons)

- NoEM does not require grounding

- NoEM lets the Earth’s natural static electromagnetic field through, which is beneficial for the human body

- NoEM does not interfere with telecommunication devices

- NoEM has antistatic properties

- NoEM strengthens and aligns the surface absorption and its grip

- NoEM is vapour-permeable

- NoEM gives a matt, smooth finish with no cracks

- NoEM increases the efficiency of top coating paints

- NoEM does not splash and does not leave streaks

More info about NoEM:

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